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At EAI, the client is always in the spotlight with EAI serving as a silent partner in the background.


EAI’s central business philosophy is to ensure that each client achieves its goals and objectives through adherence to a skillfully developed strategic plan that is supported by professionally-directed and skilled implementation.


EAI’s mission is to deliver management services that exceed the expectations of its clients, thereby enabling them to achieve consistent growth and financial success.


EAI’s culture is the foundation upon which we strive to create value for our client organizations and deliver exceptional service to their leaders, members and other stakeholders.


As a company, and as individuals, we value:

  • Unyielding integrity and honesty

  • Dedication and loyalty to our clients

  • Innovation

  • Quality service

  • Teamwork

  • Constructive criticism, self-improvement and personal excellence

  • Developing leaders at every level of EAI

  • Passion for success

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