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Associations can greatly benefit from professional management provided by an attentive and accredited association management company. EAI can provide your association with enhanced strategic growth, lower operational costs, and a team of professionals dedicated to your success.

Benefits EAI provides include:

Professional Staff and Quality Services

EAI provides skilled professionals and management expertise along with specialized administrative services in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Your organization will enjoy the best of both worlds: the professional expertise of top specialists for all your programs and projects with significantly reduced expenditures; and avoidance of the increasingly complex liabilities of directly employing staff.

Resources You Need When You Need Them – Just in Time Efficiency!

Based on the concept of shared resources, EAI provides your association with the expertise you need, when you need it. Your association will be assigned a core team of professionals and utilize shared staff resources for operational services.

As activities increase, new staff can be added to provide additional services, without your association having to spend time and energy to hire additional qualified personnel. Similarly, when activities are reduced or programs are concluded, there is no need to lay off employees, as these individuals can be seamlessly transferred to another EAI client.

A Separate and Distinct Identity

Your association will maintain its distinct identity and your members might not even be aware your association business is being handled by a management company. At EAI, incoming telephone calls are personally answered with your organization’s name. Your organization will have its own listing in phone books and association directories, separate bank accounts, investment accounts, membership databases, vendor contracts, educational programs, and promotional campaigns.

Benefits in Combined Buying Power

An important benefit of working with EAI is increased buying power. Combining client print jobs, mailings, hotel reservations, etc., year after year, has resulted in a strong negotiating position for EAI – giving instant access to better hotel contracts, printing quotes, mailing services, and more. EAI passes all these savings to your organization and does not accept commissions.

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