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The EAI Difference

There are many reasons for choosing EAI as your association management partner.


Our executive staff has extensive experience managing national and international professional health care and scientific societies. We have been in business since 1982 and are proud of our many achievements on behalf of our clients.

Health Care

We understand the unique needs of health care associations and how to accomplish their objectives.

Professional Membership

Professional membership organizations are our specialty. EAI takes professional associations that are seeking new members, financial stability and higher visibility and builds them into vigorous, effective organizations. Through strategic guidance, aggressive revenue generation and superior service, EAI helps all its clients grow and prosper.

Personalized Service

With our personalized service, your leaders will forget EAI has any other clients. And your members will experience EAI’s staff as their organization’s staff.

EAI staff understands the value of consistently providing the highest level of professional service. We go the extra mile to make sure your leadership, members and prospective members receive excellent service when they contact their association headquarters. They will always experience a friendly and highly knowledgeable staff, ready to help in all ways possible.

Your organization will have dedicated telephone lines answered in the organization name by a receptionist who will direct the call to the appropriate staff member. All communications are personalized and handled efficiently and quickly.

By providing superior service to leaders and members, we help associations grow and prosper.

Proven Track Record

EAI has an outstanding track record of helping its clients experience extraordinary growth. We consider this to be an important value and service to our clients, who have all grown and prospered financially under EAI guidance.

EAI receives frequent unsolicited testimonials from the satisfied associations we manage. EAI’s achievements on behalf of clients are consistent and unequaled.

Make the right decision when selecting your management company, choose EAI.

Strong Financial Management

Every EAI client has grown and strengthened its financial position under EAI management.

EAI offers a high level of financial expertise to its clients. It is one of the few association management firms that provide clients with the support of a Chief Financial Officer who is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over 15 years of non-profit financial management experience.

Your organization’s funds will remain secure and not mingled with other EAI clients. Funds will be maintained in bank accounts and investments selected by your leadership.

Our team of financial professionals has extensive experience delivering financial management services. We will meet and exceed your expectations.

Staff Experience and Stability

Because of EAI’s own carefully measured growth, we have developed and retained a highly skilled and dedicated staff that will provide comprehensive, personalized assistance to your organization. Our committed and highly motivated staff has an exceptionally low rate of turnover, which means the management team you have today is likely to be the same team you have in the future.

The skills required to successfully manage your organization extend into many specialty areas. Instead of relying on just a few people or expensive outsourcing, EAI provides the services of staff specialists in the key areas your organization needs, when you need them.

Let EAI provide your organization with the staff to support your mission and goals and the professional guidance to support growth.

Expertise in Building Assets

EAI can build your association into a more vigorous and effective organization. We work closely with your leaders to help establish a strong strategic direction and develop financial plans to implement those strategies.

EAI has an exceptional record of growing meeting profits and developing other non-dues revenue streams. About 85% of EAI client revenues are non-dues generated. Revenue growth provides organizations with the financial strength needed for new programs and building reserves.

In addition to clients prospering during the “good times”, all EAI clients experienced growth during the great recession of 2008-2011. Let us help grow your organization.

Demonstrated Membership Growth

Since 2000 our clients have realized membership growth of 42-77%. Even though many EAI clients are mature societies, they outperform the association industry in national membership growth rates as reported by the American Society of Association Executives.

Your members’ satisfaction is a high priority at EAI. Our clients have an average membership retention rate of 93%, significantly higher than the 86% national median retention rate.

Grow your membership under EAI management.

Competitive Management Fees

EAI offers highly competitive and flexible pricing to meet the needs of your association. Our management fee is based on over 30 years of experience and an anticipated volume of activity, staffing requirements and occupancy expenses required to deliver the agreed-upon scope of services.

The American Society of Association Executives reports organizations comparable in size to EAI clients spend about 44% of revenue on full service administration. EAI management fees are typically much lower than this national average.

Let us develop a proposal designed to meet your organization’s needs.

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