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Strategic Planning for Associations

  • Expert planning services to ensure continuity under changing leadership

  • Effective execution of strategic plans

  • Superior strategic results

EAI knows how important and beneficial a well-defined strategy is for your organization and understands you have unique requirements for meeting the goals of your members. EAI provides access to strategic planning tools and facilitation to obtain superior strategic results.

A significant threat to any association’s continuity is the revolving nature of volunteer leadership and the changing agendas of newly elected leaders. A viable strategic plan is the most effective way to ensure the continuity and integrity of association goals and activities.

We understand the planning hierarchy and will guide your organization through development of strategic, business and marketing plans with coordination between strategies, tactics and budget.

Strategic plans are living documents that your organization should refer to on an ongoing basis. In so doing, your long-term success is increased exponentially. Successful staff implementation ensures higher levels of growth and member satisfaction.

Government Relations Solutions for Associations

  • Advocacy programs that accomplish your key objectives

  • Extensive legislative and regulatory agency experience

  • Access to top lobbying firms

  • Expertise in guiding programs that shape public policy

EAI can help you develop a strategic plan for your government relations program which flows from your association’s overall mission statement.

Your association needs to be aware and informed of legislative, regulatory and/or political developments that affect your membership. EAI’s experienced government relations professionals gather intelligence on important issues and provide critical analysis that helps advance your advocacy objectives.

Services include the monitoring and evaluation of key legislation and interacting with regulatory agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. EAI develops strategies and leverages regulatory opportunities to guide or change legislation.

Revenue Development Solutions for Associations

  • Exceptional record of generating non-dues revenues

  • Aggressive pursuit of new revenue streams

  • Significant growth of reserves

It is EAI culture to set standards to help our clients achieve financial success. EAI can help your association benefit from strong, long-standing industry relations, stakeholder partnerships, effective fund-raising programs and proven investment strategies.

EAI knows how to grow membership, convention attendance and your bottom line. Our professionals work with your leadership to develop effective strategies most appropriate for your organization.

We know how to secure non-dues revenue that provides the financial muscle needed for new programs and for building reserves. EAI clients routinely realize substantial gains and have developed significant financial nest eggs. In fact, every EAI client has grown and strengthened its financial position under our guidance and management.

EAI knows how to build revenue. We help you grow your resources, so you have money to invest in your key projects.

Let us help build your assets and reserves.

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